I still remember my first day on this project when Jungle Busters was our only vegetation contractor and how we were stretching your resources here, there and everywhere. We are extremely grateful that you were with us from the start and continued to be reliable and work with us throughout the entire project.

Trent and his tree guys are fantastic. The quality of their work has been outstanding, making it really easy for us to handle tree requests from the client. Trent has, on many occasions, met us onsite in advance of works to clarify scope which again made it extremely easy for us.

Your landscaping/mowing crew that has worked with Dean and our other Leading Hands over the last year have been outstanding. Dean is a pro at driving production and I know I received very pleasing feedback about some of your workers, especially the Adidi brothers. And when Dean gives such great feedback, I know that they must be outstanding :-)

Another thank you to your daytime self-managed crews, particularly of late. The crew that were involved in the ICAM have been outstanding, in fact Mel has told me that they have set the standard in safety for others to achieve. They really have stepped up and have been a great crew to work with. Please tell them all to keep up the good work and how grateful we are for their efforts.

To all your tractors that have worked out west, a big thumbs up! The quality they have achieved has been far superior to other contractors we have previously used and also other projects that we have driven through. It is a skill to be able to achieve such a great finish with tractors, particularly around roadside furniture, that not many operators have managed to conquer. However almost everyone that you have provided us has not disappointed.

The assistance you and your team have provided during emergencies and bad weather events has not gone unnoticed. You really are our ‘one-stop shop’ when it comes to resources and equipment. I find myself time and time again passing on your details for all types of work where we would otherwise be unsure of who to call.

Also, a big thank you to the office staff and anyone else that I have missed. We have seen Jungle Busters grow so much since the beginning of the project and I believe that it is only that start of what is yet to come :-)

And finally Paul, there are not enough words in the dictionary to express our thanks to you for everything you have done for us. We really have put you through the ringer time and time again and you have not let us down. I have lost count of how many times you have attended site visits to clarify scope of work, or check on progress, or that you have answered our calls during the evening or on weekends.

-Vivian, SEQ RAMC – Metro