We Do Safe and Efficient Chain Saw Works for Your Trees

Tree work is dangerous. It may sound like a simple matter to trim off a branch or cut down a tree in your property, but this specialised task is not as clear cut as it seems. And when you need a tree trimmed or removed from your yard, you need to leave the task up to professionals like us.

Tools of the Trade

We treat maintenance and tree care procedures as delicate processes because not only could we work from a height, but also, we need to use specific tools to carry out the job.

Our chain saw works deliver the most satisfactory results, whether you need branches cut off or the entire tree removed. We use only high-quality chainsaws, each designed to perform a specific task, from lightweight climbing saws to heavier on-the-ground saws. Before we do any project, we make sure all of our Jungle Busters workers have brought the right chainsaws for the job and have all the necessary protective gear they need. This achieves both productivity and safety for every job that we take on.

Training and Careful Tree Work

Aside from using the right chainsaws for the kind of tree work you need, our workers are also trained and educated in proper operation with different chainsaws. Our goal is to not only make your yard shine with beautifully cut and shaped trees, but also to keep everyone safe.

We make sure that no damage is done to your trees and that no injuries or accidents occur while a Jungle Busters worker operates the chainsaw. Training allows our workers to operate safely whether they are roped and harnessed for aerial saw use or are simply on the ground.

We Assess the Job

In order to do all this, we perform a thorough assessment of each job before making any plans to cut, trim, shape, or remove the tree. We determine the size, branch orientation and lean, condition, and other elements involved before we make any recommendation (e.g., top removal, vertical cut, horizontal cut, and the like.)

With our extensive experience in operating chainsaws for tree works, we guarantee getting the job done safe, fast, and right. We leave every job site clean, too.

So call us today. We’ll keep your trees trimmed and shaped in no time at all.