Effective and Efficient Stump Grinding Services: Helping You Reclaim Your Landscape

There are a number of reasons why a tree needs to be removed.Perhaps you’ve discovered that the tree has developed a disease that is only getting worse. Its branches may have become unruly, constantly blocking the view from inside or outside your property. Falling branches could be posing hazards to members of your household or the neighbours. You may be clearing land to build or redesigning your landscaping.

Whatever the reason may be, cutting the tree down isn’t the last step in the process — the stump of the tree will be left on the ground.There’s certainly no good reason to leave that stump behind. People can trip on it, mowers can hit it, it can become an awkward and irregular feature on your property, and it can still be a site where pests like termites can build their home.

The more efficient way to deal with the stump is to have our professional land care management and horticulture service providers at Jungle Busters take care of the stump using their expertise in the field. And that would mean hiring our excellent stump grinding services.

Stump grinding is a process wherein a piece of equipment — a heavy disc covered in sharp teeth, driven and powered by a motor — is used to chew through or grind a tree stump, turning it into a pile of wood chip mulch.

Stump grinding offers the following benefits:

It minimises damage to the property. Grinding machines come in various shapes and sizes, and we will use one that best suits the dimensions and specific obstacles in your property so that the stump can be removed with precision. No other trees, plants, fencing or other features will be harmed by the machine, and no large gaping hole will be left behind when the process is done. And the grinding equipment will not tear up the yard or leave marks all over your driveway.

It effectively eliminates eyesores and potential habitats for insects from your lawn or yard. As previously mentioned, the removal of the stump through grinding takes care of the issue of having a tripping hazard on the ground or a place for ants, termites, and other insects to build their home and bother your household. Any diseased or contaminated stumps will also be removed to prevent the spread of infection.

It is environment friendly. Some stump removal methods involve the use of chemicals to hasten the stump’s decaying process; this can put your family, pets and neighbours at risk while the treatment is taking place. Stump grinding turns the stump into chips which can be used to fill the tree’s previous spot. A mixture of the grindings and soil can serve as mulch for the new tree to be planted on the same spot, or for other plants in the space.

Ready to reclaim your landscape by eliminating remaining tree stumps? Let our Jungle Busters team take care of them for you and help you restore the beauty and health of your lawn or yard.

Stump Grinding
Machine grinding stump left after tree removal