Large scale mowing is the bread and butter of Jungle Busters. Whether it be a small acreage block or a large Council park, Jungle Busters has the right personnel and equipment to keep your property looking immaculate. Jungle Busters constantly invests in the latest commercial equipment to ensure we provide the full range of mowing services at the lowest possible price.

In addition to our tractor slashing service we also utilise our 12 foot deckbroad acre finishing mowers with high ratio gearboxes that produce optimum blade tip speed for excellent cut finish. Also, our range of high speed John Deere and Toro mowers can handle the all the toughest jobs to provide a finish to be proud of.

Jungle Busters mow parks, large commercial properties, and acreage properties. Our customers include SEQ Water, CSR, CSIRO, Lend Lease, Woodford Correctional Centre and Alex Fraser Group. We also mow roadside footpaths for Brisbane City Council. All this means is that Jungle Busters has the capability and capacity to manage your property to keep it in great condition.