Professional Turf Laying Is the Secret to a Strong and Healthy Lawn

A lawn created from turf, as opposed to seeds, is a quick way to get instant results. But while this process delivers instantaneous appeal, it still requires an equally meticulous and careful process as sowing seeds.

Jungle Busters has laid hundreds of thousands of metres of turf and have the expertise to properly and professionally install your turf and ensure that it is watered and fertilised to ensure proper establishment for ongoing health.

Preparing Your Site

Preparation is the key to successful turf laying. Preparing the site requires completion before you can even buy the turf. Weeds need to be cleared and the soil cultivated to deliver maximum results.  Pulling out or killing stubborn weeds will help grass grow while soil cultivation provides a firm and flat laying area for the turf.

Focusing on the soil also tells you if you have poor quality earth. Our professional turf layers have the knowledge and the tools to evaluate the suitability of your soil. By using the appropriate process, turf layers at Jungle Busters can recommend if you need blended topsoil or an entirely new soil to give your new turf a good start.

Once our turf layers have removed the weeds and cultivated the soil, we treat the area, raking in the lawn starter feed a few times in different directions. This will level the surface.

Before Laying

Preparing the area also allows you to actually save money on the turf you purchase. This is because you have the opportunity to get the area measured first before you place an order. Our turf layers carefully measure every type of lawn, in every imaginable shape, to secure only the most accurate requirements. We add a certain amount of allowance for cutting in, and prevent excessive as well as lack of turf.

In addition, our turf layers can also advise you on the best time to lay turf. For instance, laying turf during summer may lead to dry soil, which will delay rooting.

Laying the Turf

Once turf is delivered, it’s ideal to lay it on the surface as soon as possible. When it’s rolled up for long, turf will quickly deteriorate. So our turf layers get right down to work and lay your new lawn immediately.

After the turf has been laid, tampers or light rollers are used to firm it up lightly. It is recommended that you keep off your newly laid lawn for just a few days to allow for the roots to develop.

Laying turf is a skilful and meticulous process — one that yields remarkable results. Let Jungle Busters take care of this task for you, and you will soon enjoy a strong and healthy lawn.

Man laying sod for new garden lawn